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Key Features



Cutting-edge Technology

Intuitive and user-friendly online trading platform that allows Clients to choose between modes:

  • Java-based application (downloadable) Vanguard Pro version that allows full customization and powerful features.
  • Web-based Vanguard Light version that allows access anywhere on any PC.
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Dealing Rates

VAF’s Vanguard platform receives price feeds from numerous Tier-1 banks. Prices update dynamically tick by tick with market moves. Dealing rates are not an indication of where the market is trading, but of actual prices at which the currency pair can be bought or sold on the Trading Station. Clients receive spreads as low as 3 points on G5 currencies

Trade with Ease

By using VAF’s Vanguard platform, Clients greatly enhance their advantage in the market as they have everything they need right on their fingertips:

  • Rapid Order Execution
  • Real-time Trade Confirmation & On Demand Reporting
  • Real-time P/L Tracking
  • Comprehensive Order System
  • Margin Watcher

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